Cookie notification and privacy statement

This website uses cookies to count how many visitors the website has, where these visitors come from and which pages they look at. We have access to these anonymised data via Google Analytics.

No spam

We do not collect personal data from visitors to our website; we do not sell data and you will never receive spam from us.

If you decide to contact us via the contact form or the reservation form, the following data will become known to us:

the name supplied by you and the email address and IP address the form was sent from. These data are sent securely.

If you send us a reservation form, all data you provide in it will of course be known to us. These data are stored, because they are necessary to offer you a pleasant stay at Mooi Vlaanderen. We store these data for as long as this is necessary for the Tax Authority, in order for them to check our business if they should need to.

We do not share your date with or sell them to third parties and we will not send you spam following your message.

Social media

There are several social media buttons on our website, like Facebook and Twitter. These buttons use cookies, in order for you not to have to login to the social media platform when you want to share or like something. We refer you to the cookie statements of those social media.

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